Corporate Customers

We provide serviced accommodation. And we do it well.

We create housing with services for our corporate customers.

bonacasa provides leading solutions, both in practical and economic terms, for a variety of industries such as:

  • Property companies
  • Communes
  • Tourist destinations

If you need accommodation, housing or holidays with services, you need bonacasa, the leading supplier of serviced accommodation solutions. Instead of acquiring the skills, infrastructure and resources themselves, corporate customers come to us for a tried and tested, modular, cost-effective solution set. And they can still use it as a differentiator, because bonacasa can also provide a white-label solution on request.

bonacasa for the property industry

If an investor, developer, portfolio holder or property manager wants to offer “housing with services”, bonacasa is the perfect implementation partner. We support our corporate customers from planning through to implementation (true to our maxim of accessibility with the bonacasa construction standard) with expertise in smart construction.

After the planning and implementation phases, we also take on the operational work involved with serviced accommodation.

bonacasa provides these services for existing property portfolios, too. So property owners can upgrade their housing offer and position a more appealing “housing with services” offering on the market (and, for example, use our white label service to market it under their own brand).

We position the serviced accommodation that we implement based on the requirements of our corporate customers and on market conditions:

  • Cross-generational
  • Specialised for a particular target group, e.g. “senior living”
  • Segment-specific (e.g. for professionals (DINKYs), families, singles, etc.)
  • Convenience, safety and/or lifestyle oriented
  • Cost-optimised, or positioned as a premium offering
bonacasa for communes

Society is ageing. This demographic change is impacting developments in communal housing and care offerings. More and more seniors are living in accommodation that no longer meets their needs at this stage of life. Communes are facing some huge challenges in terms of providing appropriate living space and care solutions for the ageing population.

If a commune has a shortage of housing suitable for seniors, bonacasa works with bonainvest Holding to create it. We can set up a partnership with an existing residential care home and network service providers across the commune. That’s precisely what we’ve achieved in Biberist. bonacasa can also incorporate its own service organisation or operate a local advisory office for senior living, as we do in Wiesendangen. It’s also feasible to incorporate bonacasa services (living services, 24-hour emergency response) into the communal care structure and combine it with existing offerings (e.g. outpatient care) to create integrated care solutions.

We can provide corporate customers with individual components or a comprehensive approach:

  • Our construction standard

    A list of over 200 detailed points for smart construction, refined by bonacasa over years of experience. The bonacasa construction standard provides recommendations on how to implement threshold-free construction so that it results in sustainable housing.
  • Key safes

    An advanced electronic key safe is part of bonacasa’s integrated safety solution. The key safe enables the emergency services to access an apartment in a medical emergency without having to break open the door.
  • Smart homes (home technology)

    With our partner ABB and their free@home product, we offer the perfect networked home technology solution for greater convenience and safety in the home.

For the operative phase of serviced accommodation, we can provide corporate customers with individual components or an overall approach:

  • Mobile app for end customers
    We customise the bonacasa app to your brand. End customers can use the app to obtain information (e.g. on properties or districts) and to order services.
  • Service line
    The service line is our enquiry and order line for housing with services. We provide your tenants and clients with access to this helpline.
  • Emergency call service
    Thanks to our tried and tested 24-hour emergency call centre the homes we supply and the end customers who live in them benefit from safety around the clock.
  • Living services
    bonacasa supplies a wide portfolio of living services. We configure them based on your requirements, and provide access for your tenants and customers. If you require white label services under your own brand, we can provide that, too.
  • Processing and delivery
    bonacasa’s process-optimised back office and electronic service management platform handle all services reliably, to a high quality standard and at minimal administrative cost.
How it works
The service management platform integrates all our services and information offerings
The service management platform integrates all our services and information offerings

The service management platform includes:

  • Capability to incorporate and process a variety of services cost effectively
  • Capability to incorporate third-party services (e.g. facility services, outpatient care etc.)
  • Capability to incorporate the bonacasa service line or another call centre.
  • Incorporation of all required bonacasa services
  • Incorporation of the 24-hour emergency call centre
  • Customisable mobile app
  • Integration of your own content and services
  • A flexible API for the integration of additional (digital) services.