Reference Wiesendangen

Building and operating an advice and coordination office for senior living

An accessibly built home along with living services can be the key to quality of life for people of all ages. Social contact, a good mix of generations living alongside each other but also parallel service offerings for seniors are highly important these days. bonacasa’s networked approach is to work with communes, municipalities, public authorities and retirement and social institutions to plan and implement solutions that enable seniors to live as independently as possible, for as long as possible, in their own homes.

This approach is being put in place throughout the Wiesental development in Wiesendangen. In the two new properties owned by HGW (Heimstätten-Genossenschaft Winterthur), 42 homes are now adapted for senior living. In one of the houses, HGW – assisted by the Sprecher-Schweizer Foundation and the Wiesendangen communal authorities – has built a surgery and communal areas for future residents. These generously proportioned, modern homes (2½ to 5½ rooms) are equipped to accommodate people with disabilities, and are aimed at enabling people to live at home for as long as possible thanks to the options offered by bonacasa’s emergency call service and other services.

Based on the development, bonacasa established an advisory office for “senior living” for all Wiesendangen residents on behalf of the communal authorities, and is operating it successfully. The office informs people about their options and is the liaison point for service provision across the commune, using a mix of professionals and volunteers. Any Wiesendangen resident can subscribe to the bonacasa emergency call service. | |